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Established in 1981, CCP merged Shanghai Aike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and moved to Fengxian district in 2016. In November 2018, it succeeded in GMP acceptance. Currently, CCP has 11 drug approval number (one national exclusive API, injection and some tablets are abandoned for re-registration), and only choose the second-class psychotropic drug--phenobarbital tablets (30mg) for generic drug consistency evaluation.

CCP has two wholly-owned registered pharmaceutical R&D companies--Shanghai Huayuan Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Huayuan Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. In order to solve the problem of API source, CCP invested a wholly-owned branch company in India--SHHY India Private Ltd.

In 2017, CCP initiated one API and twenty formulations among 3+3 and 3+6 categories, pilot production will be started in 2019 one by one. The project started in 2018-- liquid formulation of psychotropic ii for children use is waiting for the pre-approval of the state bureau. In recent ten years, the newly increased drug approval numbers becomes fewer and fewer, CCP has the responsibility, determination and ability to hold the innovation flag, and produce more reliable, safe and effective drugs to serve the public health.