CCP was established in 1981 with registered Capital as RMB100,000,000. As of now, CCP has got 11 drug approvals, 19 formulations and 1 API are in developing stage.

CCP devotes itself to become a distinctive drug production enterprise with complete dosage forms, mainly psychotropic drugs and narcotic drugs, supplemented by high value-added generic drugs. At present, there are 1 approved solid oral preparation production line, additonally, there will be 1 terminal sterilization injection production line, 2 pre-filled injection production lines, 2 oral liquid production lines, 1 external plaster production line, 1 aerosol production line, 1 tincture production line and 3 tablet and granule production lines to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, total construction investment is expected to exceed 300 million yuan.

CCP aims to obtain more and more new drug approvals, implements the management mode of establishing a batch of projects, developing and reserving them.

CCP has the responsibility, determination and ability to carry the banner of innovation and produce more and more reliable, safe and effective drugs to serve the public health.