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Job description:

1.Familiar with on-site supervision; be able to feed back any deviation happened during the manufacture process swiftly and investigate it;

2.Can correctly operate Laser Airborne Particle Counter, Illuminometer, Floating Bacteria Sampling Device, Oily water detector and other monitoring instruments;

3.Know how to make sample of raw materials, auxiliary materials, package materials, drinking water and relative materials ;

4.Be able to sample cleaning verification and procession verification.


1.Familiar with the job description; Hardworking

2.Minimum 3 years working experience in pharmaceutical industry.

3.Person with experience of on-site monitoring and sampling are preferred.

Job description:

1、First selling company certification and product information checking & approving; coordinating Sales Department and Warehousing Department;

2、Coordinating with Quality questioning affaires from related department and customers during quality analysis;

3、Collecting information about quality from CFDA and Shanghai FDA; Coordinating with Quality manager.


1、Qualified with three years college with major of Pharmacy;

2、More than two years working experience of quality testing and Analyzing in pharmaceutical company, it is preferred if having API testing experience;

3、No less than one year of drugs testing and Analyzing work experience in pharmaceutical factory, or at least two years of management work experience working in pharmaceutical wholesale company; qualified with Licensed Pharmacist Certification.

Job description:

1、Responsible for the workshop process technical management and workshop process verification work, responsible for workshop staff process, SOP training;

2、Responsible for the process of instruction, the release of the batch production records and batch of packaging records, collect and fill in the guidance of the work;

3、According to the procedure to check the operation situation, each process is responsible for the workshop production appeared deviation analysis of organization work, responsible for the production batch records, auxiliary record the review of the collection, sorting, summary.


1、College degree or above in medicine or related field, able to use English and familiar with the current GMP;

2、More than 2 years working experience in quality management or production in pharmaceutical plant, familiar with tablet workshop production process and quality control points.

Job description:

1、Qualified with related testing work, including: process water microbial limit tests; raw materials, packaging materials, intermediate products and finished products of microbial detection; Qualified with related work of strains management;

2、Qualified with related validation work, including instruments, equipment, and validation work related microbial detection, microbial execution of validation protocols, cooperate with QA related validation work;

3、Completes daily maintenance work for instrument, equipment, completes the daily cleaning and disinfection, environmental testing work;

4、Participate in the writing and management of the GMP document, including: microbial inspection SOP drafting, instruments and equipment used in the SOP drafting, drafting related record format;

5、Complete other tasks assigned by the superior on time.


1、 Pharmacology, chemical analysis, chemical engineering or related major, bachelor degree or above;

2、Have more than one year similar working experience;

3、Familiar with various testing instruments, including but not limited to the sterilization pot, collecting instrument, microscope, etc;

4、Treats people with sincerity, have dignity and good conduct with positive energy.

Job description:

1、Material approval and distribution, consistent with the data in ERP system account;

2、Check the warehouse if the goods are stored securely, inventory accuracy; Warehouse cleaning, recording the warehouse temperature, etc;

3、Coordinate with the keeper to ensure delivery of materials consistent with shipping information, make sure material/account/Card information are consistent;

Note: chemical, pharmaceutical or related major is preferred. Experience in pharmaceutical factory warehouse management is preferred. Familiar with office automation、ERP is preferred.优先。 熟悉办公自动化,懂ERP优先。


1、High school degree or above and with a driver's license; requiring experienced driving skill;

2、Have warehouse working experience, familiar with warehousing process;

3、Moral, responsible, honest and reliable, obey the management;