CCP was established in 1981, it merged Shanghai Aike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and moved to Fengxian district in 2016. In November 2018, it succeeded in GMP acceptance. Currently, CCP has 11 drug approval number, and the II class psychotropic drug Phenobarbital Tablets (30mg) is in the process of consistency evaluation of generic drugs.

CCP has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, one is R&D company--China Chinopharma Ltd (CSC); another one is SHHY India Private Limited (SHHY), which is to manage API source.

In 2017, there were 1 API and 20 preparations for the 3 + 3 and 3 + 6 drugs approved and developed by CCP taking by CRO companies in full swing such as Shanghai Medical Engineering Institute, Hefei Xinfeng and Tianjin Hankang which are entrusted by CSC. Till end of 2019, CCP had completed the pilot test of some molecules. The II class psychotropic liquid preparations for children approved in 2018 are waiting for the final approval from NMPA. 

In the past decade, the approval number for new added drugs that Shanghai local pharmaceutical manufacturers applied has been very few. CCP has the responsibility, determination and ability to carry the banner of innovation and produce more reliable, safe and effective drugs to serve the public health.