No. Form Category Product Specification Schedule
1 tablet Chemical Linagliptin Tablets 5mg In small trial
2 tablet Chemical Vildagliptin Tablets 50mg In small trial
3 tablet Chemical Tenofovir alafenamide fumarate API and its Tablets 25mg Preparation test
4 tablet Chemical Desvenlafaxine Succinate-release Tablets 50mg, 100mg In small trial
5 tablet Chemical Cinacalcet HCl Tablets 25mg Proposed pilot
6 tablet Chemical Lurasidone HCI Tablets 40mg, 80mg Proposed pilot
7 tablet Chemical Lacosamide Tablets 50mg, 100mg Proposed pilot
8 tablet chemical Nebivolol HCl Tablets 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg Proposed pilot
9 tablet chemical Rivaroxaban Tablets 10mg Proposed pilot
10 tablet chemical Ticagrelor Tablets 90mg Proposed pilot
11 tablet chemical Apixaban Tablets 2.5mg BE test
12 tablet chemical Deferasirox Dispersible Tablets 125mg Proposed pilot
13 tablet chemical Phenobarbital Tablets 30mg Pilot scale up
14 tablet chemical Sitagliptin 100mg In small trial
15 tablet chemical Sieglidine metformin Tablets(I) 50mg:500mg In small trial
16 tablet chemical Sieglidine metformin Tablets(II) 50mg:850mg Proposed pilot
17 tablet chemical Alogliptin benzoate Tablets 25mg In small trial